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Roller Shades


Mechosystems Rollershades:

MelieShades still remains the Exclusive Fabricators, Contractors and Licensee of Mechoshade System Inc. USA for Africa.

The Mechosystem brand is the premium exclusive line and could be easily described as the foremost brand globally. It is usually described as the Mercedes Benz of shading systems in street parlance. Mechosystems specializes in technically challenging windows. No system comes close to offering the durability and reliability that its unique patented design provides. It is excellent for Offices, homes, hospitality industries and offers a wide range of products.

Product Range:

Double shades
Room darkening Shades

For detailed information visit www.mechosystems.com

Speciality Shades

Panel shades
Skylighter shades
Dual Shades
Fixed Shades
Bottom/ up shades
Magna shades
Image shades
Monumental shades

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Mshades Roller Shades

Mshades (MelieShades) is the first indegenous manufacturer of roller shades in Nigeria, our shades are professionally produced with the most modern technology and expertise comparable to our peers in the industry globally.

Each shade is designed to improve the work and home environment by providing optimum solar protection, reducing radiant solar energy and glare on work surfaces and computer screens, while providing for the use of natural light and maintaining the occupants view to the outside. Not only do they contribute to the general wellbeing of the occupants by the comfort they provide, they also enhance the aesthetics of the space in question.

Classic Range:

Square (Manual)
Round Bottom (Manual)
Round Bottom (Motorized)

Budget Range

Round Bottom (Manual)
Round Bottom (Motorized)

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Mshades Zebra Blinds


These are light filtering shades also known as transitional shades. They offer both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade creating a zebra-like pattern. So while raising them like traditional shades, you also have the option to align the front and back segments for privacy or to allow some light through. During day time leave the shades open and gain incredible view-through and you can close them partially to shield your family and home from harmful UV rays and intense light, or shut them entirely at night for the privacy you need.

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Mshades Wooden Blinds


Wooden venetian blinds are modern, decorative and functional systems.

Slats made of special timbers can handle challenging conditions. Wooden blinds bring sophistication and warmth to any place while offering complete privacy and sunlight regulation. The slat angles could easily be adjusted to determine the amount of light allowed inside.

Available colors:

Blackout series

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